º The Plaza de España in seville

The Plaza de España
in Seville

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La Plaza de España
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The Plaza de España
in Seville

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La Place
d'Espagne à Séville

The Plaza de España in Seville

La Plaza de
España en Sevilla

Panoramica Plaza de España

The Plaza of Spain
in Seville


The Plaza de españa (square of Spain) in Seville, is one of the more important monuments of the capital of andalucia. It was constructed in 1929 for the Latin American exhibition of 1929 by regionalistic architect Aníbal González being this one of his greater exponents.


It is a monument by which Spain shows to its respect and love towards iberoamerica.

Its semicircular form express the comradeship for the South American countries that were old Spanish colonies in another epoca and that Spain as metropoli mother welcomes in its sine.

besides, It reflects an act of the importance of the metropoli Spain respect Latin countries since Spain in that time, previous to the civil war, had a economical and social situation outpost.

The plaza de españa is an enormous monument, in comparison with the other seats represented in the exhibition with buildings that being shining do not even reach their splendor.

In the center there is a channel of little depth by where long ago tourists can sail itself in barquitas of oars.

The channel this crossed by 4 bridges that represent the four original kingdoms of Spain the Kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Navarre and Galicia(Portugal).

The following one semicircle is a stroll around the channel of about 15 meters wide and finally appears a claustro in the lateral.

Near this claustro there are banks in which they estan represented all the Spanish capitals of province, as well as a scene of its tile history.